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    • AHD CVI and TVI Multiplexer

      Contact NowAHD CVI and TVI Multiplexer AHD CVI and TVI multiplexer; This products use a coaxial cable transmits 1-channel coaxial high-definition signals + power supply at the same time, transmission distance can reach 400m. Output voltage: DC12V / 600mA The product can completely solve the front camera’s power supply to the...Read More

    • AHD TVIand CVI Video Balun for CCTV Camera

      Contact NowAHD TVIand CVI Video Balun for CCTV CameraAHD TVIand CVI video balun for CCTV camera Introduction: It’s a HD-AHD/TVI/CVI twisted pair transmitter, can simultaneously transmit 4pc analog hd signals by a network cable (twisted pair), transmission distance is farther than the coaxial line, convenient to wiring, it is very suitable for...Read More

    • AHD CVI and TVI Converter

      Contact NowAHD CVI and TVI Converter AHD CVI and TVI converter; Introduction: The converter can simultaneously transmit 1-8 channels HD-CVI/TVI/AHD over one multimode or single-mode optical fiber. LED indicates instantly monitoring system status. Devices are available for either standalone or rack-mount installation, which is...Read More

    • EOC Ethernet Extender for Security Camera

      Contact NowEOC Ethernet Extender for Security Camera EOC Ethernet extender for security camera Introduction: The product is based on the IEEE newest P1901 technology, support in a variety of media such as coaxial cables, telephone lines and twisted pair to transmit hd video and high-speed data signal. Its long transmission distance, high speed...Read More

    • Network Video Balun for IP Camera

      Contact NowNetwork Video Balun for IP Cameranetwork video balun for IP camera; The product can be achieved with a 8 core network cable to transmit coaxial hd image signal & cameras power supply at the same time, and this product can avoid the big image interference which caused by front end of power supply ripple. Key features: 1.All...Read More

    • AHD CVI and TVI Amplifier

      Contact NowAHD CVI and TVI Amplifier AHD CVIand TVI amplifier; Introduction: This video amplifier amplify video signals to thousands times and extend distance to 1.2KM during coaxial cable transmission. The device is to converter the video signals to RF signals at the beginning of transmission, then the video signals transmitted...Read More

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